Typically, debts are collected in a two-stage process:

Step # 1 Step # 2

The debtor receives a number of notices including a first notice, phone contact and if the mail is returned, or the debtor is no longer at the phone number provided, then skip tracing procedures are implemented to locate the debtor. Following contact, the debtor is then given the opportunity to pay the debt or arrange satisfactory payment arrangements.

If the debtor refuses to pay and it is then determined that there are sufficient assets, then AMG Financial will recommend and request permission to instigate legal proceedings against the debtor. Our attorney then contacts the debtor requesting payment and detailing the various legal options available to collect the debt.



AMG Financial features rates that are among the most competitive in the collection industry. Avoiding the “one rate fits all” program, we customize a rate that maximizes the effort and collection recovery for our client. Our standard rate for placement of a debt is 30% – not the 33% to 50% that other collection agencies charge. Some clients, that assign a higher volume of accounts, have rates as low as 20%.


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